Parent Page

Hello, parents!

This page is for the parents of students in Mr. Haase’s Language Arts classes…

  • It will be a beacon of information that might be difficult to extract from your children.
  • It may be a place to ask you to for help with something.
  • It may be a place where I can give you (yes, you) an assignment once in a while.

If you’ve yet to read the full version of my parent letter, please do.  It’s got basic information like supplies and policies, but also may give you some insight into what we’ll be doing in class this year.

Your First Assignment:
due Friday, August 26:

On the first day of school, you should have received a supply list that referred to a more detailed parent letter. I asked your child to sit down with you and review the parent letter online to make sure you were aware of my class rules, policies, procedures, etc., and I asked that you complete the parent contact form.  If you were unable to do so, I requested that they bring in a quick note from you explaining why you could not.

Here are links to the letter and the form:

Your Second Assignment:
Setting Up a GOOGLE ACCOUNT for your Child
due Tuesday, August 30:

Please take a few moments to sit down with your child and create a Google account for their use in my class this year.  It will be a fantastic tool that will facilitate our use of a classroom computer cart.  All documents will be stored and shared from their account, they can access the account from any web browser, they need no special applications, and our school will cut down on the amount of paper used.


 Some Useful Information:

Pinnacle is a GREAT resource to track your child’s progress in class.  There are settings in Pinnacle that you can adjust to receive weekly grade reports and updates, notifications when your child’s grade goes below a certain predetermined limit, and attendance.  If you aren’t using these features, I can’t suggest strongly enough that you try them out.  There’s a link to Pinnacle Gradebook Viewer in the right sidebar. Check it out!

A word about grades and Pinnacle

  • If an assignment in Pinnacle has no grade, then it is either not due yet, or it has not been graded yet.
  • If an assignment in Pinnacle has a “Z” in place of a grade, then the assignment has been graded, but the particular student hasn’t turned the assignment in.  That “Z” will count as a zero until the student turns the assignment in.
  • If there’s an “X” in place of a grade, then the student has been exempted from the assignment and the grade will not help or hurt his average.

Just a reminder, if students need to come in to class to make-up work or if they need more time to finish a project, they are welcome to come in before school. I’m in my classroom by 8:00 every day; all a student needs to do is request a pass on the day before.  I’ll sign a pass in the planner, and s/he’ll be good to go.

Class Participation…  One way I gauge my students’ understanding of the material is through their sharing ideas in class. If a student is not participating in our discussions, she/he may be missing important ideas.  Keep an eye on Pinnacle; sometimes I’ll include a periodic participation grade, and you’ll see how involved your child is in class.  Anything lower than a “B” reflects lack of participation. Lower than a “C” means a student’s obviously not paying attention or is distracted or distracting the class.

A word about cooperative learning… Students in my class sometimes work in pairs or groups, and although this is normally a smooth process, sometimes, for various reasons, two students working together have differences of opinion.  The conflicts arise for a number of reasons; sometimes the problems arise from disagreements regarding the project, sometimes it stems from the work ethic of one or another student, sometimes there’s a basic personality clash between the partners.

It is very rare that I allow a group to dissolve because of differences.  One of the goals of my class is to have students learn to work together, no matter their disagreements.  Above all, it concerns me when students talk badly about other students in class.  I do not tolerate students talking badly of others, and I will give detentions and referrals for this behavior. The classroom should be a safe, warm, welcoming environment where students actively participate in serious, thoughtful academic discussions and activities.